Does Mario Tennis Aces have a campaign?

What is Mario Tennis Aces?

Mario Tennis Aces is a sports game developed by Camelot Software Planning and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. It is the eighth installment in the Mario Tennis series, and is the first game in the series since Mario Tennis: Power Tour on the Game Boy Advance. Mario Tennis Aces features new and returning characters, a new Adventure Mode, and various tennis-based mini-games. It also features a competitive online mode, in which players can compete against one another in tournaments.

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Does Mario Tennis Aces Have a Campaign?

Yes, Mario Tennis Aces has a campaign mode called Adventure Mode. This mode is a single-player mode that consists of various missions, challenges, and tournaments. Players play as Mario and his allies, competing against characters from the Mushroom Kingdom in various tennis matches. The mode also features boss battles, in which the player must use their skills to defeat a powerful opponent.

What Are the Objectives in Adventure Mode?

The main objective in Adventure Mode is to collect special Power Stones, which are used to unlock new courts, characters, and other features. In order to collect Power Stones, players must complete various challenges, such as defeating opponents, earning stars, and completing missions.

What Are the Different Types of Challenges?

There are four types of challenges in Adventure Mode:

  • Tennis Matches: These challenges involve playing a standard tennis match against a computer-controlled opponent. The objective is to win the match by scoring more points than the opponent.
  • Boss Battles: These challenges involve playing a special match against a powerful opponent. The objective is to defeat the boss by blocking their powerful shots and strategic shots.
  • Speed Challenges: These challenges involve completing a set number of tennis shots within a certain time limit. The objective is to complete the challenge as quickly as possible.
  • Target Challenges: These challenges involve hitting targets in the court with tennis balls. The objective is to hit all the targets in the shortest amount of time.
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What Are the Rewards for Completing Challenges?

Players are rewarded for completing challenges with coins, which can be used to purchase new characters and items in the game. Players are also rewarded with Power Stones, which are used to unlock new courts and characters.

Are There Tournaments in Adventure Mode?

Yes, there are tournaments in Adventure Mode. Players can enter these tournaments by competing in qualifying matches. After completing the qualifying matches, players can compete in tournaments against other players from around the world.

What Are the Rewards for Winning Tournaments?

Players are rewarded for winning tournaments with coins and Power Stones. Players can also unlock special costumes and accessories for their characters.

Are There Other Modes in Mario Tennis Aces?

Yes, there are several other modes in Mario Tennis Aces. These include Swing Mode, which is a motion-controlled mode; Ring Shot, which is a mini-game mode; and Online Mode, which is an online multiplayer mode.


Mario Tennis Aces is a fun and exciting sports game for the Nintendo Switch. It features a single-player campaign mode called Adventure Mode, which consists of various challenges, missions, and tournaments. Players can also compete against each other in Online Mode, and play various mini-games in Ring Shot and Swing Mode. So, yes, Mario Tennis Aces does have a campaign mode.