How do you improve under pressure in tennis?

Introduction to Improving Under Pressure in Tennis

Playing tennis can be a real challenge, especially when the pressure is on. Whether you’re playing a competitive match or just for fun, understanding how to best manage pressure can help you perform better and reach your goals. There are many ways to improve your game when under pressure, from mental techniques to physical preparation.

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Accepting the Pressure

The first step to improving under pressure in tennis is accepting that it is part of the game. Pressure is inevitable and embracing it can help you focus on the task at hand. By accepting that pressure is just a normal part of playing tennis, you can better manage it and not let it get the best of you.

Staying Positive

When things don’t go your way, it’s important to stay positive and not get down on yourself. Negative thoughts can interfere with your performance, while positive ones can help you stay focused and motivated. Remind yourself of your strengths and that you can still win the match.

Managing Your Emotions

During a match, you may experience a range of emotions, from excitement and joy to frustration and anger. It’s important to stay in control of your emotions, so you can stay focused and play your best. Taking a few deep breaths and acknowledging your feelings can help you remain calm and in control.

Visualizing Success

Visualizing success can be a great way to stay positive and motivated during a match. Picture yourself performing well and playing your best. Imagine the feeling of winning the match and how proud you’ll be of your accomplishment.

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Breathing Techniques

Deep breathing can be a great way to relax during a match. Taking slow, deep breaths will help you stay calm and focused, while also helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

Focusing on Process Goals

When playing tennis, it can be easy to focus on winning the match as your end goal. But by shifting your focus to “process goals”, such as playing each point to the best of your ability, you can stay focused on the task at hand and not get overwhelmed by the pressure.

Staying in the Moment

When under pressure, it’s important to stay in the moment and not get ahead of yourself. Focus on the task at hand and don’t worry about the score or the outcome of the match.

Physical Preparation

Physical preparation is key to playing your best under pressure. Make sure you warm up before the match and stay hydrated throughout. Proper nutrition is also important, so make sure you’re eating healthy and getting enough rest.


Practice is essential to improving your game. Spend time on the court doing drills and playing points. This will help you become more comfortable and confident with your strokes, so you can perform better in pressure situations.


Improving under pressure in tennis takes time and practice. But by following these tips, you can stay focused, manage the pressure, and play your best. Accepting that pressure is part of the game, staying positive, managing your emotions, visualizing success, using breathing techniques, focusing on process goals, staying in the moment, preparing physically, and practicing regularly can all help you improve your performance.