How hard is it to get recruited for tennis?

Tennis is an incredibly competitive sport, and getting recruited by a college program is no easy feat. It takes a combination of talent, dedication, and tenacity to make it to the next level. With so many potential competitors vying for a select number of spots, it can be difficult to stand out and get noticed. In this article, we will explore the difficulty of getting recruited for tennis and discuss the steps players can take to increase their chances of success.

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What is the Recruitment Process?

Before diving into the difficulty of getting recruited for tennis, it is important to understand the recruitment process. The recruitment process typically starts with a player reaching out to college coaches via email or by attending a college camp. After being evaluated by the coach, the player may be invited for a campus visit and/or offered a scholarship.

What are the Requirements?

The requirements for getting recruited for tennis vary from school to school. Generally speaking, most schools require players to have a minimum 3.0 GPA and a strong USTA ranking. Additionally, coaches may look for players who demonstrate strong leadership qualities, athletic ability, and dedication to the game.

How to Get Noticed

One of the best ways to increase your chances of getting recruited for tennis is to attend college camps. Inviting coaches to watch you play is one of the most effective strategies for getting noticed. Additionally, coaches may attend tournaments to scout potential players, so it is important to showcase your skills and make a good impression.

What do Coaches Look For?

When evaluating players, coaches look for a variety of qualities. These can include physical abilities, mental toughness, and tactical acumen. Additionally, coaches may look for players who demonstrate a strong work ethic, dedication to the game, and the ability to work well with others.

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What is the Competition Like?

The competition for tennis scholarships is fierce, as many players are vying for a select number of spots. As a result, players must be prepared to go above and beyond to get noticed. This may include attending multiple camps, reaching out to coaches, and showcasing their skills in tournaments.

What are the Benefits?

Playing at the collegiate level has many benefits, including the opportunity to gain experience, build relationships, and compete at a higher level. Additionally, collegiate athletes may earn scholarships and have the potential to earn a spot on a professional team.

How to Prepare for the Recruitment Process?

The recruitment process can be overwhelming, so it is important to be prepared. Players should focus on improving their skills, maintaining a strong GPA, and reaching out to coaches. Additionally, players should create a video highlight reel to showcase their abilities and send it to college coaches.

How to be an Attractive Recruit?

To be an attractive recruit, players must demonstrate strong leadership qualities and a dedication to the game. Additionally, players should stay in shape and have a professional attitude. Players should also have an understanding of the game, be able to communicate effectively, and be willing to learn.


Getting recruited for tennis is no easy feat, and it takes a combination of talent, dedication, and tenacity to make it to the next level. Players must understand the recruitment process, prepare for it, and demonstrate the qualities coaches look for. With the right approach, players can increase their chances of success and have the opportunity to compete at the collegiate level.

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