Who is the number one ranked womens tennis player?

Who is the Number One Ranked Women’s Tennis Player?

Women’s tennis has a long, rich history in the sporting world. Today, female tennis players have achieved a level of success and fame that was unimaginable just a few decades ago. With that fame and success comes recognition, and with recognition comes rankings. So who is the number one ranked women’s tennis player?

As of May 2021, the number one ranked women’s tennis player is Ashleigh Barty from Australia. Barty has been at the top of the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) rankings since September 2020, when she became the first Australian woman to reach the top spot since 2011. Since then, she has continued to dominate the courts, winning multiple Grand Slam titles and consistently earning high rankings in tournaments around the world.

Ashleigh Barty’s Tennis Career

Barty’s professional tennis career began in 2012, when she made her debut on the ITF Women’s Circuit. The following year, Barty won her first WTA singles title at the Malaysian Open, making her the youngest player to win a WTA title since 2008. She also earned her first Grand Slam title at the French Open in 2019.

In 2020, Barty had a breakout year, winning the Australian Open and reaching the finals of the US Open. She also won the WTA Finals, her first-ever year-end title. Barty’s success continued in 2021, when she won the Miami Open and reached the finals of the French Open.

Achievements and Awards

Barty’s success has earned her numerous awards, including the WTA Player of the Year in 2020 and the Laureus World Sportswoman of the Year in 2021. She was also named the WTA’s Most Improved Player in 2015 and the WTA’s Most Improved Player of the Decade in 2020.

Barty has also earned numerous accolades outside of tennis. In 2019, she was named Young Australian of the Year and was inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame in 2020. Barty has also been awarded the Order of Australia, one of the country’s highest honors.

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Ranking System Explained

The WTA rankings system is based on a player’s performance over a rolling 52-week period. Points are awarded for each tournament entered and points are deducted for each tournament missed. The higher a player’s total ranking points, the higher her ranking. The WTA rankings are updated every Monday.

Barty’s Ranking Points

As of May 2021, Barty has a total of 10,540 ranking points, the highest of any female player. Barty’s closest competitors are Naomi Osaka of Japan, Simona Halep of Romania, and Aryna Sabalenka of Belarus, who have a total of 9,350, 8,845, and 8,590 ranking points respectively.

Barty’s Place in History

Barty’s success has cemented her place in history as one of the best female tennis players of all time. She is the first Australian woman to hold the number one ranking since 2011, and the first Australian woman to win a Grand Slam title since 1980. Barty is also the second youngest player to ever hold the number one ranking.

Barty’s Impact on the Sport

Barty’s success has had a profound impact on the sport of tennis, particularly for female players. She has been an inspiration to young female players around the world, proving that hard work and dedication can lead to success on the court.

Barty has also helped to raise the profile of women’s tennis, bringing more attention and respect to the sport. She has been a vocal advocate for gender equality in tennis, speaking out against the gender pay gap in the sport and pushing for equal prize money for female players.

Barty’s Off-Court Pursuits

In addition to her success on the court, Barty has also pursued a number of off-court interests. She has partnered with numerous charities, including the Cancer Council and the Australian Red Cross. Barty is also an advocate for Indigenous people in her home country, and has spoken out about the importance of promoting Indigenous culture and history.


Ashleigh Barty is the number one ranked women’s tennis player in the world. She has achieved a level of success that is unprecedented in the sport, and has used her success to raise the profile of women’s tennis. Barty has also been an inspiration to young female players around the world, and has used her platform to advocate for gender equality and Indigenous rights.